20+ years experience

Specializes in Corrective Color, Highlights and all aspects of color, Donna's passion with corrective color has taken her to knew hights with on going classes to always better herself in the industry. Her highlighting skill level exceeds her competition and her knowledge of skintones always keeps her clientele sharp and fresh.

Classes and Certifications:

- Wella Principals of Haircolor
- Foilworks - An In-school Program Taught By Wella
- Certified by Framesi
- Hypertin Color Education 
- Lakme Master Color Certification
- Color Design Master Color Certification
- Lakme Master Color certification
- Framesi Master Color and Foil Works Certification
- Wella Color Basics Certification
- Wella Master Color Foil Works Workshop Certification
- Redken Color Basics Certification
- Lakme Red and Blondes Certification
- Redken Product Knowledge Certification
- Lakme Product Knowledge Certification
- Lakme Chroma Ammonia Free Color Certification

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