Keratin Complex Therapy
Sometimes called Brazilian Relaxer

Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Softer? Straighter? Had more shine?  Keratin Complex Hair Therapy is the Answer.

This new revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl from the hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny & luxurious.

Testimonials from our clients are that their hair is more manageable & easier to maintain, reducing daily styling time. For many, this is truly a life changing experience! It will rejuvenate the hair, giving it the soft, silky feel that everyone is raving about.

It is "skin care for your hair". Unlike other salon services, the more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin makes the hair :

  • Softer & Silkier
  • Straighter & Shinier
  • Faster & Easier to blow-dry
  • Reduces daily styling time
  • Less maintenance- close to being "maintenance free"

Further, the therapy encases the hair follicle with a keratin bond to promote healing & helps keep the toxins in the environment, such as smoke, pollution & ultraviolet rays, from entering the hair.

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy is gentle enough to use on all hair types. A great time to have the treatment would be directly after coloring or chemically treating the hair. The color will be sealed in, leaving the hair vibrant & extending the life of the color.

This service is only available in salons and is administered by specially trained stylists in the Keratin Complex Hair Therapy methods, standards and equipment.  Call us today to schedule your appointment!